What Are Your Weirdest Quirks?

I am aware that I am an extremely quirky individual. I don’t hide it, I embrace it. I enjoy the moment when new people in my life discover that I won’t drink tap water or touch a cat. It makes me feel closer to them. I also cherish the moments when I uncover the idiosyncrasies of others. How endearing that this person will only wipe with a certain brand of toilet paper! Our quirks make us lovable, so might as well own them. After the jump, the Frisky staff shares their weirdest quirks. What are yours? Please share in the comments. We promise not to judge you.


  • I won’t touch the poles on the subway or sit on the wooden benches at the station, which I’ve heard are basically hotels for bed bugs.
  • I hum while I eat and sometimes sing in my sleep.
  • I smell glasses/dishes before I eat/drink out of them.
  • I keep a water bottle near me at all times even when I sleep.
  • I am anal about charging my electronics when I’m home.
  • I’m a little bit of a supply hoarder—makeup, hair products, cleaning products, toilet paper—I fear running out of these things so I keep a back stock at all times.

Source: Taste of Home


  • I must pee all of the liquid out of my body before I go to sleep.
  • I never ever take my crystal off.
  • I am superstitious and can’t listen to certain music because it is bad luck music. For instance: Kings of Leon is a bad luck band to me, even though I shame lust its lead singer.

Source: Medical News Today


  • Always, always, always have to make my bed.
  • Floss with my hair if I don’t have actual floss handy.
  • Always have to have a pedicure, even during winter when no one sees my toes but me.
  • Happy to eat salami and a jar of pickles for dinner.

Source: Fantasia Salon


  • I cannot stop myself from coining and using insane slang words. They never catch on and I hope people realize I am sorta kidding.
  • I make my bed every morning too.
  • When I listen to music on the subway or walking down the street, I dance even if it isn’t socially acceptable.
  • I wish iced tea poured from faucets.
  • I get hives on my neck when I’m stressed out on behalf of other people, like when I talk to friends about something bad/crazy going on in their life. However, I do not get said hives when I am stressed out about something in my own life.

Source: Telegraph Herald


  • I use different bath towels for my body and my hair.  Plus, I wash with wash cloths.
  • I wash my hands after touching things that I think are dirty, like the fridge door, car steering wheels, certain light switches and doorknobs, and garbage can tops.
  • For years, I washed my feet before getting into bed at night.
  • No shoes on the bed or couch, EVER.
  • I don’t like open containers of food or drinks inside the fridge.
  • I put my drinks by the air conditioner to keep them cool because I don’t want open containers of liquid in the fridge and they might collect fridge germs, duh.

Source: Allure

Original by: Ami Angelowicz

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