Should I use a GPS tracker if I suspect spouse is cheating?

One of the questions GPS experts get asked a lot is should people be using it to track their spouses, if they think they are cheating. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to that. There are just too many variables, depending on where you live and your domestic situation, to have one answer for all people.

We live in a world where infidelity has become a common thing. It doesn’t matter who you are or how beautiful or rich you are, everyone can get cheated on. That is why more and more people are looking for ways of protecting themselves and are trying to find out how to discover the truth. Too many late nights at the office can become suspicious soon and the tracker will allow you to see if they are really in their office on in some sleazy motel.

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Tracking someone with GPS is a fairly simple thing to do. First, you need to understand the difference between various kinds of GPS trackers. They mainly go into two categories, personal trackers and vehicle trackers. It can be tricky planting one on your spouse without them detecting it, so we will focus on hidden real time GPS trackers for car.

They come with magnetic mounts, waterproof housing and highly precise GPS chips, meaning you can place them almost anywhere in or on a car. This website has a handy guide on the best locations. Glovebox, beneath the front seats, inside of a bumper, are just some of the handy locations you can choose. Since the device waterproof, it won’t mind getting soaked during the rain. It will still happily continue to beep its location, straight back to your computer or phone, allowing to monitor your spouse’s movements.

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While technically easy, it doesn’t mean that GPS tracking is legal everywhere. That is why it is important to contact your lawyer before doing it. They will know local laws best and will be able to give you an expert advice on how to proceed. Some states have no problem with it. You can put a GPS tracker in your spouse’s car without their consent. Others frown upon it and explicitly forbid placing a GPS tracker on a car you don’t own. The rules change if both you and your spouse use the car. Then it is considered a co-ownership and since the car is partly yours, you can put a tracker in it and you don’t have to share that information with your significant other.

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