Is Your Girl Going Gaga Over Her Anniversary Gift?

If the anniversary gift you got your lady love this year didn’t make her jaw drop, you know you didn’t do it right. Perhaps you tried something ‘extraordinarily different’ and didn’t know it would flop. Perhaps you stole a friend’s idea which he used to impress his girl and you thought it would be brilliant. Or perhaps you simply don’t know her enough and you messed up, completely! Wait, if that really is the case, you know you’re in trouble, and it’s definitely not going to be nice. Especially if you’ve been dating for a while now.

Then, there’s also the possibility that you hastily got her something because you…forgot! Or you simply couldn’t be bothered – if that’s what happened, mind you, it’s going to be written all over your face – no lying, no excuses – and it could end up being the last anniversary for you two.

If you make it to ‘next time’, just make sure you spend more time giving it some thought.

Source: How To Make Her Chase You

The Key: Know Her Better

Now, don’t sit there looking puzzled. Women aren’t hard to please – no way. In fact, they are the easiest to please. A year or more of getting to know each other, and you will know better.

That’s right. All it takes is the ‘right’ thing to toss her over the moon, not really the ‘big things’ or the ‘best things. Well yes, it does, for some, but again, it’s all about what they’re really into, and what they believe to be a perfect representation of your love.

If you know that getting her diamonds is the best way she’d like you to say, ‘I Love You, you’re my Diamond’, then give her nothing but that! But if she’s the type who’d be blown away with nothing but a bunch of ravishing, red roses because, to her, nothing beats a naturally beautiful and lively representation of love, then go and get her the prettiest bunch you can find to sweep her off her feet.

You, see, it all depends on how they want to feel your love and how they want to see it coming from you. That’s the tricky business because this isn’t about just any love, it’s about you.

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Is She into the Dazzles or the Sizzles?

Let’s cut the crap. Gone are the days when a girl let her grandma talk her into the ‘all you want in a man is a heart of gold’ stuff. That definitely isn’t how it works anymore. Your girl is looking for gold alright. In your pockets, yes, not in your heart, or any place she can’t access for that matter. Well, not all the time, but at least that’s what it is when it comes to gifts and celebrations and their fancy expectations.

Sometimes, your girl may choose to leave out all the fuss and celebrate…..differently.  You know, for instance, the girl who’s got the sizzling hot man everyone’s drooling over, and the spark’s always been there between them. All they’d need for their kind of celebration are candles, roses, and a scented bath to keep the fire and romance burning through the day, and the rest is just not relevant.

No Cliches Whatsoever

Sometimes, it could feel like you’ve been in this relationship for…forever! Every special occasion that comes by could somehow feel like repetition. But, no matter what, they are never going to feel less special, nor could the excitement and chills diminish with time. In fact, you could even say that it only gets better.

With new things being introduced every day and all the different, exciting stuff you could experience in the world today, the anticipation can only keep growing every year, as you go. Nevertheless, how you’ve progressed in your relationship and all the experiences you’ve had together is what actually makes everything about the future all the more exciting.

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The Older You Get, the Harder You’ve Got to Work

Let’s get real, with all the circus going on in your life, it is only a natural tendency to sometimes shift your priorities and show less importance to things that you once enjoyed. Not to say that you may take your relationships for granted – you shouldn’t. But you know, given a few circumstances, you may tend to forget a special day, or it could come to a point where you’d actually need to turn on reminders on your phone. Letting this happen once in a way really is okay. But when you know you’re at that phase, you need to work a little harder – of course, you would – for the sake of love.

For instance, it doesn’t matter if you feel like there’s loads of time left for your anniversary or her birthday. You should start prepping in advance, in small ways, whenever you have the time, and of course, the money. You can do a quick search on cool gift ideas during your lunch break. Whatever shop or site that pops into your mind, like or any other gift recommendation site- just look them up for ideas, what’s trending, etc. Trust me, it would make matters a lot easier for you!

Source: Thought Catalog

Never Ditch Your Date Plans

An anniversary or birthday date is always part of the celebration. DO NOT try to get away with it just because she’s over the moon with that awesome gift, because it doesn’t quite end there. Isn’t it the best time to bond and pamper each other, and do the sort of things you’re supposed to be doing more often, but somehow you never get to? You don’t really need all the candles and music. Simply sit together, talk and laugh about silly things. Even if you keep going back to topics like work, your car, or walking the dog, it could all sound different on a day like this.

So you see, you needn’t really fret over the anniversary business or birthday. Your girl isn’t going to sit there, waiting to judge you. All you need to get right is the thought you put behind the celebration, and giving her something that means a lot to her, even if it doesn’t to anyone else.

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