10 ways to really make her happy

So it finally happened, I finally found someone I can actually be myself with and not be scared to hide the fact. I was madly in love with this girl and I finally proposed, she said yes. We’ve been together for a month and in that month I met some of her friends who were also in relationships (keep in mind, none of these people except for my girlfriend know I’m the founder of Relationship Rules). I noticed a lot of negativity in their relationships and they were majorly caused by the men in the relationships. So I decided to write a piece on this. You know what really makes me happy? Making other people happy. And there’s no better feeling in the world I know of than making the love of my life happy, when the woman of your dreams smiles and laughs because of something you did, that’s genuine and pure happiness that money can’t ever buy. It takes a little effort to get to know the person, to get to know what makes them happy and what makes them super happy! Every now and then, I bring back one of these things to let her know I care because she has the most beautiful smile in the world. Here are a few pointers to making your lady happy. Let’s begin.

1. Don’t get frustrated during the shopping:

Women differ from men in a lot of ways, some are more obvious than others. I remember the first time I went shopping with her, I wanted to buy a pair of sneakers and she needed some shoes. I went straight into the Nike store and bought this one very nice pair of Air Jordans I liked. It took me hardly fifteen minutes to get them. When it was her turn to get shoes, we went to six different stores, spend almost 45 minutes in total and she still had no idea what to buy. Did I get frustrated? No. I appreciated the fact that she’s a woman, and no matter how much she loves me it doesn’t change the fact that women usually take longer than men in shopping. She kept asking me to take a seat in every store because she thought I was getting frustrated, I just smiled every time and tried helping her in her selections. Women appreciate small gestures, she still remembers to this day how I never complained when we went shopping for the first time. Understand the fact that they have certain habits that are going to stay that way, don’t try to change them or judge them based on those habits, appreciate the differences and love them even more for the differences. Oh and remember, women can NEVER have too many clothes, seriously.

2. Women care more than men, accept it:

I learned this from my mother, her nurturing nature, it was incredible. She always made sure I was happy before her, I was fed before her, I smiled before her. My mother taught me this very important fact about women, that they are a little too much. That helped me be a better boyfriend to my lady. I recently had the flu, and she reminded me of my mother. She took care of me more than I wanted her to. Women are like that, appreciate it as much as you can. Women will take longer to think about sensitive decisions. Women will take everything a little too seriously, women will listen to each and every word you are saying while we men just try running through conversations. I’m not trying to say women are weak, I’m actually saying they’re so much more caring than men. I’m a guy and I find no shame in saying that. It’s not a competition, I care for her as much as I humanly can, but it’s in her nature to be that much more caring for me. When I try thanking her for being so caring, she obviously shuts me up and says “don’t thank me”, but she also smiles a little at the end, because she knows I appreciate her for everything she does to me, and that’s more important than anything.

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